"Bf109 1940"

This is a companion painting to "Spitfire 1940" and will be followed by a third painting showing the RAF's Hurricane fighter.

In this painting, a German Bf109 fighter is returning home from England to its base in Northern France. Below is a friend, a HE111 bomber, trailing smoke and unable to gain height or keep up with the rest of the bomber stream. The pilot of the Bf109 has decided to stay with the bomber, knowing full well that  if he left, the RAF's fighters would almost certainly find the crippled bomber and destroy it.

The BF109 is painted in the colours of 5/JG 27 squadron, with this aircraft belonging to Oberleutnant Erwin Daig.

Picture details

dimensions (approx) 50cm wide x 40cm high
medium Acrylic on stretched canvas.

date completed