"Prinz Eugen - Norway"

This is a painting of the German heavy Cruiser "Prinz Eugen", depicted in the Norwegian fjords, sometime around 1942.
She was an "Admiral Hipper" class heavy cruiser, launched in 1938, and she saw extensive action during the Second World War. Perhaps her most famous engagement was in early 1941 during "Operation Rheinübung", an attempted foray into the Atlantic Ocean with the battleship Bismarck. The two ships became embroiled in a fierce battle with the Royal Navy's battlecruiser Hood and battleship Prince of Wales, during which Hood was destroyed and Prince of Wales was severely damaged.
After the war, she was handed to the United States navy, who then assigned the cruiser to the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests in the Pacific. She survived two atomic blasts, but ultimately was allowed to deteriorate and eventually capsize in the Kwajalein Atoll, where part of her hull can still be seen today, above the water.

Picture details

dimensions (approx) 90cm wide x 60cm high
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
date completed