'Stuff' is the only word I could think of to describe this collection of odds and sods. There's some still life in here, and I think that this genre can be very rewarding because it requires a lot of planning and thought, some artistic input and some technical fiddling. On the plus side, the all-important lighting is controllable which makes a nice change from street photography (for instance) where it's not.

This was taken with the OM-1 in an aviation museum outside Berlin. It's an aircraft engine, a rotary design which means the crankshaft remains still while the propeller and the crankcase revolve around it. It's also very dramatic in black and white.

This is another rotary engine from a different museum, namely Stow Maries in Essex. In close-up, the dully polished metal looks more like sculpture than a complex piece of machinery.

Still life - 'Candles on Decking'.

This photo, and the one below, were taken in the ruins of a military base, deep in the wilds of Essex.

Another photo from Stow Maries airfield museum. World War One period trucks.