August 2009 - Our Holiday in Provence

We got Back from our two weeks in Provence on August 2nd.

The weather was glorious in the south of France, much more like summer than the murky nonsense that we left behind. This shows the view from our terrace - rolling hills and blue mountains in the distance. When the owner showed us this we did wonder if there had been some mistake and he'd taken us to a much more expensive 'gite'  than the one we'd booked.

We were staying near Orange in the north of Provence. The land is covered with vineyards and lavender fields, with ancient farms and houses built in the local, creamy-white stone. Most of them have shutters, to keep out the fierce summer sun, and these are often painted in a rather nice light blue colour.  

On the way back from a very hot and knackering day in Nimes, we stopped off at the Pont Du Gard aquaduct, a stunning piece of architecture dating back to the first century AD. Damned clever, those Romans...

We explored the local towns, following the popular tourist routes that lead in a zig-zag from Vaison La Romaine to Orange to Avignon to Nimes, with a few days off here and there to take in some natural wonders such as Mt Ventoux and the Ardeche Gorge. These last pictures are of typical scenes in Vaison. Bright sunlight and bright colours combined to make even average streets look dazzling.

This is a typical shop front, with beautifully coloured pottery tumbling out onto the pavement. We would have bought some but with the pound worth less than a bag of sugar over there, we didn't even dare to look at the price.