Using a film camera is more fun, more rewarding, than using a digital camera. Sorry.

Back in the eighties I bought a Ricoh KR10 SLR, and I kept that camera for 17 years and took thousands of photos. How many of today's gadgets will last that long? 

The Ricoh is long gone, but I've replaced it with three Olympus SLRs, namely an OM-1 and  OM-10, both from the 1970s, and their 80s successor, the OM-40. Olympus virtually invented the modern SLR when they introduced the revolutionary OM-1 in 1972, and over the next few decades they sold millions of cameras.

Here are two galleries, for colour and black and white. It's worth separating them as they are very different styles.

Please note that these photos have not been tweaked in any way (apart from resizing them), this is how they came back from the developer.

 black and white